A Revolutionary New Text on Personality Theories
  The final work of Dr. Albert Ellis published by Sage Press

After authoring more than 80 books and monographs, Dr. Albert Ellis has co-authored a college textbook for the advanced undergraduate or graduate student.  This, Dr. Ellis' final work, will cover both theories of personality and personality disorders.

Personality Theories: A Critical Perspective is written for the advanced undergraduate or graduate student in counseling, clinical psychology, and social work.  It thoroughly explicates all major personality perspectives in the light of recent research.  This is one of the few textbooks that fully covers  developments in evolutionary, genetic, and biological psychology as they relate to human personality.

This textbook comprehensively covers historical theories and puts them into a modern  perspective.  This approach will serve to motivate students who typically have  been provided texts that offer a medley of competing theories without a critical examination of  their clinical applicability in the light of current research.

The progression of personality theories from the four humors to evolutionary psychology is set forth in a logical timeline that facilitates the reader's understanding of  both the historical context and current relevance of each perspective.   This information is enhanced with a glossary of key terms and highly relevant clinical vignettes.

Each theory, or model of personality, is presented to the reader with sufficient detail to allow for a complete understanding of the originator's logic and intent in its creation.  In addition, the reader will be helped in developing an informed decision as to each theory's relevance to their field of study.

This book was co-authored by psychologists Dr. Mike Abrams,  PhD of New York University and Lidia D. Abrams, PhD. of Resolve Community Counseling Center.  This work will serve as a text for courses in both  Personality Theory or Theories & Systems in Psychology, and Theories of Counseling.  It is especially suitable for graduate students in clinically oriented programs.

In addition to its comprehensive treatment of all major personality theorists, schools, and systems of psychology, this will be the first textbook to formally present Dr. Ellis' own REBT system of personality.

This book is essential for all clinicians desiring a thorough understanding of Personality Theory and its relationship to counseling or clinical psychology -- especially if they they are interested in cognitive behavior therapy.

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